In 5 simple steps your new kitchen could be on turned from a dream through to reality.

Step 1 – Measure Your Kitchen Space

Before coming into your showroom, we recommend that you measure up your kitchen space. This will help to get the Design and showroom consultation into action quicker and help your designer to be able to guide you on what options you may have. The steps to measure your kitchen are outlined here along with a grid if need be Otherwise drawing on a piece of paper is sufficient as well. While you are at it, take some photos of the space you will be working with and anything you may consider difficult or hard to explain.

Step 2 – Appointment

Either call and make an appointment to meet with one of our friendly team or come on into the showroom. Make sure to bring your kitchen measurements, any photos you may have taken and ideas that you have found along the way. Photos help our designers to see what obstacles there might be along the way and better visualize your area.

Step 3 – Discuss

We will take you through the showroom, show you what we can offer you and what we think we will work well in your kitchen. We will put some ideas

Step 4 – Design your dream

Based on the discussions we have had with you we will draw your kitchen up on the computer, generate photo realistic images and price your kitchen. We will then arrange for you to come back to our showroom to see these and go through the price making sure you are happy with everything.

Step 5 – Production 

At this point, if your happy and ready to proceed we will continue on the next steps to get your new kitchen into production.